‘Giving Back to Ghana’ – Committed to a Better Future

In addition to conducting an ethical business policy, sourcing materials, expertise and staff locally where possible, respecting local sensitivities and needs through engagement and inclusivity, NMSI is committed to supporting the development of the countries and communities in which we work. Reflective of our ethos and our passions for sport, health-care and local economies we have developed a responsive and robust ‘give-back’ programme as part of our CSR strategy aimed at making a positive contribution to those areas we are working in.

Funding Priorities


We see good-health as a key driver of economic and social development and therefore support organisations offering vital health services, infrastructure and education to under-served communities in a variety of thematic areas.


We are passionate about sport, and rugby in particular, targeting projects using sport as a tool for development. In 2016 NMSI will further partnership with Tag Rugby Trust (TRT), to bring ugby Community Clubs to Ayenyah and surrounding areas. This builds on our previous partnership with TRT where we introduced rugby into schools and communities in Ghana, in addition to leadership and key life skills.


Our commercial work in Ghana is in a number of communities – many of these are remote and dealing with social issues. We target a portion of our financial and technical assistance to community-based projects in geographical areas surrounding our work. We particularly support educational projects.

NMSI Partners & Projects


Noyaa Academy – NMSI Sponsors the Children’s Christmas Dinner

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NMSI and its partners have been supporting operation of the Noyaa Academy School in Jamestown, Accra, to provide basic education to children aged 4 to 17 as a gateway into mainstream education for children who would otherwise not receive any formal education.  The results are astounding.

In December 2015, NMSI and British Airways sponsored a festive Christmas Dinner at school for the children.  The event was organised by headmistress, Rachel Annan and attended by Derrick and Sarah from NMSI.

Rachel Annan said:

“We should be thanking you because if hadn’t been for the sponsorship we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off… The kids really enjoyed on a level that we have never had on a vacation day and the smiles on the kids’ faces was something I couldn’t describe, so thank you NMS…  Well done.”

NMSI has also funded next terms academic books for all the Children to ensure their education is fully supported and encouraged.

20151217_123157_resized Noyaa Xmas (1) Noyaa Xmas Lumch Dec 17th 2015 4


NMSI renovates Kugrago Primary School in the Garu-Tempane District

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As part of NMSI’s “giving back project”, the dilapidated Kugrago Primary School building in the Garu-Tempane District of the Upper East Region was renovated by a team of NMSI employees and local volunteers.

The NMSI funded project included the refurbishment of both external and internal parts of the structure; renovation of one classroom with a concrete floor; and the renovation of a football pitch with corner flags and goal posts among others.

The Headmaster of the school, Joseph Ayambila, said he was “extremely thrilled” to be have received the support from NMSI.

Caroline Young, the Corporate and Social Responsibility Manager at NMSI said the company is delighted at the support given to the community. “This is what we enjoy doing. It is not just about bringing a new district hospital to the area; it is also about what we can also do for the community”.

Link to story online:

Graphic.com / Citi FM online / GhanaWeb.com

Kugrago 4 Kugrago 1Front Cover Pic - Kugrago

Upgrade to The Ayenyah Community Health Clinic (in partnership with O’Africa)

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The Ayenyah community health clinic located 5 miles from Dodowa District Hospital was donated to the community by the charity OAfrica founded in October 2002 by Lisa Lovatt-Smith.  The facility serves the local rural community to provide basic health provision including vaccination of local school children.

With the help of NMSI and the Dodowa site manager, Francis Yore, the project involved taking down the previous building and erecting a new facility ensuring a long term sustainable solution and a more functional area for the nurses to administer health care whilst upgrading some of the equipment.

From beginning to end, the project took 2 weeks to complete and was led by volunteers James Hsu and William Hsu (sons of NMSI’s Deputy Chairman Fred Hsu), Charlie Stevens and Jeremy Elmhirst.


Ayenyah CHPS Before


Ayenyah CHPS Ayenyah CHPS


Ayenyah CHPS After


NMS Infrastructure, GENELEC donate to fire, flood victims

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NMS Infrastructure and GENELEC Support Services partnered  withStarr 103.5FM to donate to victims of last two week’s twin disaster at the 37 Military Hospital.  Floods hit the national capital Accra amidst a fuel station explosion that killed over 150 people, leaving several others with life-threatening injuries in various hospitals across Accra.

NMS Infrastructure and GENELEC partnered AMS and Sons, Zenith Hygiene Systems, Aqua Fina and Starr FM to donate medical supplies and relevant assorted items worth tens of thousands of Cedis to support survivors of the twin disaster at the hospital.

The acting Commanding Officer for the 37 Military Hospital, Colonel Yeboah Agyapong thanked the group for their benevolence.  He told Starr News the hospital “would like to thank GENELEC and NMS Infrastructure for their donation. The things that they donated are the ones that we need the most. We want to assure them that their effort won’t be in vain.”

Source: Ghana/starrfmonline.com/103.5FM

Offloading donation (Medium) Jojo with CO of 37 (Medium) Jojo Presenting donation to the CO of 37 (Medium) Team with 37 Military hosp. heads (Medium)

NMS – Supporting vulnerable Ghanaian children to receive an education

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NMS has partnered with OAfrica to support 47 children to continue to attend school during this school year.  In our commitment to supporting local, community charities we have pledged support to OAfrica based near our Dodowa site in the village of Ayenya.  OA works with vulnerable children and their families to keep them out of institutions and in a home environment while continuing their education.  They provide social and financial support in a sustainable way, working with family members to undertake training and developing income-generation schemes enabling them to support their children and keep them out of orphanages.

Meet Kwame, 5, Kofi, 7 and Francis 9 – three brothers who unfortunately lost their father. Afterwards their mother could not afford to send them to school or provide enough food for them to eat – resulting in them becoming severely malnourished. They were referred to OAfrica to prevent them being placed in an orphanage. Now they receive our support, all three boys are attending school, they are steadily gaining weight, and have lots of energy to play.